Savings, inflation and gold


There is a record number of savings in people’s bank accounts, which is simply just standing still and losing it’s value due to the inflation (currency printing and rising cost of living). But most of us do not know it or do not pay any attention to it, because the amount of savings does not seem to decrease in numbers. In reality, life is constantly getting more expensive, which secretly reduces (steals) the value of our savings, i.e. purchasing power, because we can consume less money for the same money in the future.


Example: let’s suppose you have € 100 deposited in your bank account. Let’s say a pack of milk costs € 1 and, for example, in five years' time it costs € 1.50. Now, if you buy a liter of milk today for your savings, you still have € 99 left. However, if you buy it after 5 years, you will have 98.50 euros left. So, due to the inflation you will be able to consume less for the same money in the future.

Let’s assume that the price of gold also rises as much as milk (50%) over the same period of time. If  you keep your savings for 5 years and then buy a pack of milk, you have € 98.50 left. However, if you were to place savings in gold today, in five years' time you would have € 150 instead of one hundred euros. And if you would exchange your gold for cash (euros) and buy a liter of milk for that, you would have 148.50 euros. Simple math says 148.50 is significantly better than 98.50. Your life would be also much better…



There is lots of information and investment opportunities out there, therefore most of us do not dare to place our savings anywhere for fear of losing money. Gold is one of the best, simplest and safest ways to keep your savings, as it has been around for centuries - gold has proven to be a safe and beneficial alternative for savings.


Gold has risen by more than 7% in the last few months. Experts predict a further 20% price increase in 2020. The timing is good and there is no better time to make a change than today! Start HERE


Author: Bert-Ken Raudberg, written on the 09th January 2020


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