Gold: a mysteriously mystical mineral

The worldwide demand for pure gold is about 4,000 tons per year. Why is the need so great, and what is gold even used for?

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Aristotle: the features of good money

Over 2,000 years ago, the renowned philosopher wrote about the characteristics of good money. The majority of his thoughts still apply today.

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What our clients say

"My godfather has already given me several silver coins and little gold bars in Aufort's awesome gift boxes, and I think they're an especially beautiful gift."

Lisella Beatrice Kirjutaja


"Placing one's savings in precious metals is a good way to retain the money's value in the future. Silver coins with a picture of this year's animal on them have been a special and valuable gift for my grandchild which can be exchanged for money in the future. I am completely satisfied with Aufort's services."

Armilda Tiimus


"As an entrepreneur and an Aufort customer, I can highlight these four main aspects: trustworthiness, best price guarantee, personal service based on the customer's needs, and knowledgeable salesmanship. Every new potential investor can be convinced for themselves when they take part in the investment courses that Aufort offers."

Stanislav Vammus

Laywer of European Legal Office

"Logotrade has done business with Aufort for many years now, and we appreciate their expert and professional advice, which they share with us every day in our gold and silver investments."

Anti Saluneem

CEO of Logotrade corporate gift agency

"My child has received Aufort's silver coins as a birthday gift for several years now. They are a beautiful and useful gift that my child can sell back at a higher price at some point if needed."

May-Britt Koop


“One cannot often decide what to give as a gift for different occasions. For me, Aufort is a great solution; an alternative gift for loved ones, colleagues, or our valued clients. I personally love the symbolism of the commemorative coins, which have an especially stylish appearance and are also extremely affordable. Many of my acquaintances are investing a substantial portion of their available money in precious metals. In that regard, Aufort offers a wide variety of options for every taste. Their general logistics, website, opening an account, ordering, customer service – Aufort makes the whole process very convenient and comfortable. I can highly recommend them!”

Timmo Kuusk

Olympic Casino Eesti AS, Tartu casino manager

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Money matters should go hand in hand with a sense of security. Your data is completely secure when transacting on Aufort's website. In partnership with leading and recognized precious metals refineries, we guarantee the authenticity of our products. No need to worry - even the transportation of our products is insured.