Aufort gold – fast transactions investment gold

We are happy that you are interested in Aufort's new innovative product, which is under development. We highly value our customers and want to offer a new product on the best terms. To be among the first, leave us your contacts and we will let you know immediately when a new product is live and ready to buy!

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Aufort gold is a physical investment gold in a digital form located in a secure vault. It has several advantages over a refined gold bar that is shipped to you.


Secure and reliable regularly audited valuts are located in Singapore, Austria and Estonia.

How does it work?

Aufort gold can be bought with the lowest possible price - world market price. Hold your gold in a digital form as long as you prefer. You can redeem it for a physical gold bar anytime and we will ship it to your address. Or if you prefer you can sell it back anytime with the current spot price of gold.


The fee for the purchase and sellback transaction is 1% (min €2). Aufort gold storage fee is 0.005% per day, but you do not have to worry - we will pay it for you.


Everything is easy with Aufort


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Aufort gold

Aufort gold 1 gram

49,37 €

Aufort gold 2 gram

96,75 €

Aufort gold 5 gram

239,23 €

Aufort gold 10 gram

478,47 €

Aufort gold 20 gram

956,94 €

Aufort gold 31.1 gram

1.488,04 €

Aufort gold 50 gram

2.392,34 €

Aufort gold 100 gram

4.784,68 €