Risk warning


The purpose of the risk warning is to draw attention to the potential risks associated with investing. We recommend that a novice investor seek the advice of an investment advisor or a specialist.

It is advisable to hedge the risks associated with investing by investing only a part of your available funds and balancing it with safer and more liquid investments.

Liquidity means how easily shares of a company can be sold after purchase. It may not be easy to sell parts of a start-up or active business. In addition, it is not known whether or when the company's shares are listed on a regulated market (primary or secondary market), such as Funderbeam or the Tallinn Stock Exchange. It is not possible to earn a regular return on investment (dividends) by investing in an unlisted private limited company (i.e. with a capital investment).

Dividends are payments that a company makes to its shareholders to distribute the company's profits. Companies are not obliged to pay dividends to their shareholders, as this is decided at the shareholders' meeting and a majority of shareholders is required to make such a decision. Start-ups or young companies rarely pay dividends to their investors in the early years, as most of the capital is reinvested in expansion.

The materials published as part of the campaign may not be comprehensive and may not reflect all the risks associated with the company's operations. If desired, it is also possible to read the company's documents in more detail before investing.

Many start-ups or small businesses are not successful or do not develop as planned and therefore investing in these companies can involve significant risks. The possibility of losing part or, in extreme cases, your entire investment, must be taken into account.